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Green….Neutral With Color!
November 2nd, 2008

Paint color seems to be a hard decision.  Sometimes, neutral seems too boring and you are thinking…. something with a little more color.  Try green! It is also a neutral.  Green is one of those colors that is easy to live with.  I find more and more customers are happy with a shade of green on their interior walls.  Males and females tend to adjust well with green inside.  I think because the color reflects the outside…… bringing nature into our homes.  


This Urban Country Kitchen and Dining Room pictured below is featured on an episode of Debbie Travis Painted-House


The unique checkerboard pattern with green paint gives a whimsical touch to the country kitchen.  The environment is warm and inviting.  I can just see Thanksgiving Dinner around the table! 

Osborne & Little uses cream walls to offset fabulous green panels accompanied by a brown sofa. Think about fabrics in shades of green, instead of painting your walls.  The combo of brown and green makes for an elegant and current room.  See other roomsets and inspiration to create ideas for your room palette.

  Green, a neutral, that provides color!

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One Response to “Green….Neutral With Color!”

  1. Painting Your Kitchen Says:

    yes, the colours used are natural and make the home pleasant, warm and inviting.