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Colorful and Organized!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Paper-Source is the premiere seller of fine, handmade papers from around the world. Their colorful paper selection can add decoration to any home office.

Add a Daisy Recipe Box to your shelves for color and print.


Oh so stylish Chartreuse Dots File Folder Set would be a welcome addition to organize your piles and stacks of paper.

File folder holder includes: 1 - Chartreuse file folder holder 4 - Chartreuse dots file folders 4 - Moss file folders 4 - Chartreuse file folders


Don't forget  Birds on a Wire for fun!

Get inspired with Paper Source's decorative paper selection.  Beautiful patterns and lovely finishes are offered...... so be creative!   Think about framing your favorite paper as artwork on a wall for color.

Get Inspired!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
Good Morning PYS readers! I wanted to inform you that I am servicing my contact page for the next few days and will not be able to receive emails. Thank you and enjoy your week, Lesley Smith

A Flicker Of Genius

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Create a whole new look for your tired chandler or sconces.  KaarsKoker's candle sleeves offer that punch of unexpected color.

The eclectic candle sleeves come in a rainbow of colors and many patterns.  A simple slip of the sleeve and you just gave your light an updated, yet affordable look!

This is just a flicker of genius!!!!

Baby Blue

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Preparing the nursery for your newcomer usually starts with wall color followed by a fresh coat of paint. This is the start to an exciting journey!

Now you just found out your having a boy and the color blue pops into your mind! A perfect shade of blue can be a hard pick. I am partial to helping out the first time moms having boys because I have two myself. Girls! Girls! Girls!…..that is all I see and hear about, but boys can be fun too.

The first question I ask my customers is….”Do you have an inspiration piece, bedding, favorite photo, or just something you love?” In order to pick the perfect shade for a customer I need to experience their taste.

Take into consideration all shades of blue varying from light to dark. Favorite blues can range from powder blue to mod turquoise to bold navy. Try to compliment the nursery color with the rest of the decor in your house…the colors should flow as well as style.

Soft, calm blues make for a precious nursery. Benjamin Moore Tear Drop Blue 2053-60, Wedgewood Gray HC-146, and Palladian Blue HC-144 (personal favorite!) accomplish this serene look.

{Courtesy of My Perfect Paint Color}

The modern nursery should be fun and striking. Sherwin Williams’s Thermal Spring SW 6761or Benjamin Moore’s Captivating Teal 649 are both a funky, fresh take to the nursery.

{Courtesy of My Perfect Paint Color}

Too often we are afraid to use a dark color in a nursery but the outcome can become rich and timeless. Bold navy adds drama to the walls and pops the moldings. Pratt and Lambert’s Old World 1222 is a classic that not only adds the drama, but is warm and rich.

{Courtesy of My Perfect Paint Color}

Paint color can be a challenge, but an exciting process especially for a nursery! Visit my paint consultation service for additional help.

PYS Paint Picks

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I have started a helpful tool for our readers needing a great paint color for an upcoming project.  Please share a favorite color from your most recent project and comment.  Keep the list growing!

Maybe You Can Find Your New Favorite!

A New Year, A Fresh Start

Saturday, December 5th, 2009
Welcome to the New Year!  I love fresh beginnings....I hate to say it, but taking down the Christmas decoration is a relief.  This weekend, I cleaned up my house and gave the decor a fresh look.  My process is try to re-arrange the furniture differently, go through the house and edit the accessories, and add a wishful spring green plant to the living room. Some new finds I found to renew your home below:

Look at Cb2, simply modern and simply affordable finds pictured above for 2009.

Colossal Bloom Rug from Anthropologie is a giant, handcrafted geranium or magnolia.  A rug that brings the great outdoors into your living space.

The perfect way to add storage in narrow spaces!  View Horchow to see details to this beautiful glass front cabinet.......new for 2009.

Hand blown glass lamps by Joe Cariatti in the style of vintage 2 ball stacked Barovier & Toso.  Each lamp is signed and year dated by the artist.   A new arrival to Swank Lighting....go see!

Freshen up a room with a paint consultation, a new paint color for 2009!

A Voice Of Color

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Discover your color personality with Pittsburgh Paints color sense game.  Every color has an emotion association and by using your five senses the game will discover your color preference.  This should be a fun process and there is no wrong or right.  Take the quiz to shed some light on your color personality!

I am an Al Fresco which are colors that recreate nature especially shades of greens.  Green is the color of relaxation.  Get out the paint brush and start painting green....with two boys, relaxation is not even in my vocab.  This is my new favorite color!

My secondary harmony family was Almond & Honey which are creamy, bright yellows.  This is known to improve concentration and sharpens memory.  I am laughing because yellow is painted all over my house and my husband says I can not concentrate on anything.   As far as the quiz goes.....it was pretty right on for me.  I would just put Almond & Honey as my first choice since yellow is my all time favorite color and I am great at the game Memory!

Share your results and voice if the outcome is true.

Art Under Your Feet!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
Art under your feet is the only way I can describe Heirloom Oriental Rugs in Brighton, MI.  My friend, Mondi Miller does such a great job educating customers on her collection of fine-knotted rugs.  I love just going in for an interesting conversion and a look at all the different designs that weavers did by hand!!!  Just Amazing.  Here is Mondi's education on heirloom rugs..... India -  The popularity of rugs woven in India is due to the variety of designs, colors & workmanship available. The weavers are very attuned to the design needs of today's market and they seem to be able to translate that into rugs that are very appealing to the American consumer.
Hard Twist -  Hand spun wool.  Hand-knotted process results in a silk like shimmer.  The dying process creates a varies, softened hand-crafted look.  Adapts well to most decors.

Wool & Silk -  The extraordinary combination of wool with silk results in a lustrous rug that is packed with rich colors.  People are attracted to the soft velvety touch.

Agra-  Lustrous hand-knotted wool.  Larger knot size results in larger more open designs with a casual feel.  Often 'tea' washed which tones down & mutes the colors.  'Beefier' rug-good for high traffic areas.

10/14 -  High knot count results in smaller more detailed formal designs.  Often has silk highlights resulting in a beautiful luminosity. China - Once on the forefront of rug weaving wool, wool & silk hand-knotted rugs, China today has turned to technology and reduced it's rug making presence. A major commercial presence for the last 30 years, Chinese rugs are known for absolute perfection in color and flawless design.

Generally very fine hand-knotted wool or wool and silk.  Small detailed Persian design are more formal in nature.  Design is very precise (doesn't vary).

Pakistan -  A up and coming force in the design world, Pakistan has been making fine hand-knotted rugs for decades. The key to their unique look is that they use vegetable dyes on many of their rugs and that gives the high knot count rug a warm golden glow. Many of the the Pakistani craftsmen use hand spun wool to create an interesting aged look. Pakistan rugs show great on wood floors. Peshwar-  A hand-knotted peshwar is unique because the wool is hand-spun and colored with vegetable dyes.  The rugs have a soft, muted look that works with antique, transitional, or contemporary decor. 18/18 -  Pakistani rugs are uniquely beautiful due to the care taken in choosing the highest quality wool & weaving the finest knots into intricate Persian designs.  These are some of the most finely knotted rugs in the market today. Afghanistan Tribal - Most rugs coming out of Afghanistan are woven by nomads from different tribes. Their coloring & weaving techniques are centuries old. The rug's colors, usually,  red or rust with black or navy designs, are the result of the vegetation available to the weavers for the dying process. The looms are small enough to be transported by horseback. Some tribes have settled into villages & are working in workshops that have strayed from traditional patterns. Tribals - Bashiri, Baktiari, Turkomans, Belgeek are designed & woven by tribal nomads.  Finely knotted, primarily root & berries dyed wool used to make geometric designs in red or rusts with black or navy.  The belgeek rug is made of the finest quality premium wool. Persian - This is the region that originated the "oriental rug." The finest most talented weavers have a long tradition of knotting the rugs that all others are judged by. Persian rugs can be found in musuems all over the world. Rugs are generally named after the village, town, or district where they are the hallmark of the industry. Heriz -  These rugs are usually woven in small workshops or on family owned looms.  They have bright cheerful colors with a more folksy casual, geometric look to them.

Gabbeh -  Starting out as a village made rug, gabbehs have become a popular contemporary style featuring geometric designs, bright colors & lush pile.

Traditional Persian Tabrizes (Mahi or Nagsheh) are one of the finest hand-knotted rug available.  It is a more formal design and the rug's beauty comes from finely knotted wool and silk construction and across the age classic design.  Increasingly difficult to find, they have become more and more a collector's piece.

Worth visiting and shopping.  Mention you are a customer of Lesley David Design and get an additional discount.

I believe Mondi ships out of the state which is a plus for adding some of Mondi's art under your feet!

A Season Full Of Color

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

More nature photos to inspire you!  Here in Michigan it is a beautiful day and we are finally approaching warm weather.  Outside becomes our interior space in the summer to work, laugh and play.  I like to gather photos to inspire me on color that I can incorporate to the interior space for special reminders of this season.

Harbor Springs, Michigan is my favorite spot of all time.  A relaxing place to visit.... full of relaxing colors to see.

Colors galore.....plan a visit!

Red, White, and Blue

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The election is only days away!  Americana comes to mind.  Red, white, and blue is a classic color combo that can feel warm and inviting to any room.  Designers Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren grabbed ahold of this idea from the start.  Not only do they make American inspired clothing, but they took it a step further into the home.


Pictured below is a beach house of Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things shown on katiedid.  The clean white walls pop the red, white, and blue making for a fresh, cottage feel.


Coastal Living offers decorating tips on red, white, and blue.  Below shows a hanging flag which happens to be a hooked rug.  Thinking outside the box...I like that.

Go Vote!

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